Nutritionally Dense Super Cress Starter Kit, Supplies for 6 Crops

$ 19.99

In searching for microgreens that can deliver nutrition and taste we found a great little tool provided by Whole Foods for their shoppers. Their ANDI (Aggregate Nutrional Data Index) is an attempt to quantify all sorts of nutrients contained in foods. A good discussion on the method and interpretation can be found here. Even with shortcomings, it is interesting to note that answers to this question also were also arrived at by taking a measure of what they isolated as the 17 powerhouse nutrients and ranked the 41 most nutrient dense fruits and vegatables.

Sitting at the top of both lists was watercress and our microgreen of the day, garden cress. Cress becomes bitter when heated, so this crop is ideal for topping or finishing dishes. It has a distinctive peppery flavor like watercress but is a delicate offering as opposed to woody stems of regular watercress.

Starter Kit includes supplies for 6 complete crops; 2 growing trays and top from 100% recycled plastic bottles. WonderSoil wafer growing media (custom blend w worm castings and kelp). A seeding container with enough Non GMO seed for the 6 crops and a water mister to moisten the seeds for germination. The standard growing trays are approximately 5" square. Instructions and support provided to you via the internet.

Seed to Fork in 10-21 days!