Microgreen Starter Kit, Both Hydroponic and Coir Media, 4 Crops

$ 19.99

Here is your chance to experience and compare two different methods of growing wonderful microgreens. We have chosen two of the most popular methods of growing and include all the supplies and equipment needed to grow 4 crops of Radish Microgreens in your own home.

Our kit includes enough seeds and all the equipment to grow 4 complete trays of wonderful Non GMO, Organic Red Arrow Radish. The trays are our medium sized trays that approximately 6 1/2" square and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The new kit includes 2 kenaf based grow mats for hydroponic growing. Also included are 2 custom blended Wonder Soil wafers that are formulated with compressed coir, worm castings and kelp. We also include our seed spreader and a spray bottle for misting the seeds as they germinate. We provide complete instructions and support through the web.

This is a great way to get an introduction to the exciting Micro Farming revolution bringing fresh and live nutrition to your table. There is nothing fresher and more potent than microgreens that you grow and bring to your table!