Hydroponic Rambo Microgreen Grow Kit, 4 Crops of Organic and Non GMO Micros

$ 19.99

Fulfill your green thumb goals and cultivate thriving brilliantly colored microgreens in your own home! The Rambo Hydroponic Microgreen Kit includes enough Rambo Radish seeds (Non GMO and Organic) along with hydroponic grow mats to grow 4 crops of delicious and visually striking additions to your table and food. Plant your seeds in the reusable micro farm units and you’ll see the leafy crop surface in just a little over a week (photos are of the actual units grown out at 8 days). These nutritional powerhouses all contain high concentrations of Vitamins C, B, and K as well as a wealth of other minerals. When cultivated in the micro form, the purple wonders deliver exceptionally high levels of nutrients and anthocyanins in every tiny bite!

Each Rambo Hydroponic Grow kit will grow 4 full crops and contains:
2 complete growing trays and humidity covers made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
4 kenaf based grow pads, you can reuse or compost
1 seed spreader with enough Organic & Non GMO Rambo Radish seeds for 4+ crops of microgreens
1 small sprayer for watering your microgreens

We provide full instructions and provide email support and assistance via our website.