Heart Healthy Red Cabbage Microgreen Kit, Super Nutrition Taste & Look

$ 10.99 $ 15.00

Red Cabbage has long been a staple part of diets that were colorful and highly nutritious. Microgreens take all the goodness of the mature cabbage and package them into a tiny, beautifully colored new wrapper. Microgreens provide some 4-40 times the nutrient content of their mature counterpart so a little goes a long way as far as nutrients from you food.

Red Cabbage in particular has been found to help mitigate a high fat diet that is common today. Red Cabbage microgreens were found to be more beneficial than the mature cabbage itself and also benefits the CVD (cardio vascular disease) profile with a lowered LDL cholesterol and triglyceride readings.

Our Red Cabbage microgreen kits contain:
  • growing tray and humidity cover (approx 5"x5") made from recycled plastic bottles
  • custom blended Wonder Soil compressed coir wafer with worm castings and kelp (enough for three crops)
  • seed spreader container for easier seeding of your grow tray
  • small sprayer for misting of your seed and watering
complete instructions and support provided through our website

Easy to grow and great to eat ... seed to harvest in 7-12 days!!!