Grow Your Own Pea Shoot Kit Includes Seeds, Trays and Media for 3 Crops of Nutritious Pea Shoots

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Search for Peas Shoots, you will find there are almost 7 million hits of articles and highlights on this topic. Many articles highlight the amazing nutrition to be found on these tasty additions to your diet. AND with this grow your own kit you can grow them in your home in just a few days!
Pea Shoots contain high levels of Vit A, C and K and because they are growing leaves, also have a good dose of chlorophyll.

Our kit that contains all you need to grow these nutritious pea shoots for your family. We scoured the net for kits that would give us a simple and economical way to get into home growing and found none that would provide this as simply and effectively. All seeds are organic and Non GMO. The trays are approx 5 3/4" square to provide an abundant crop of shoots.

The grow tray and top are reusable and made of 100% recycled plastic bottles that have been diverted from landfills. We include a large discs of proprietary mix of Wonder Soil (coir, worm castings and kelp) blended to provide crops of the highest quality and growth. Each wafer will provide enough "soil" for three trays of shoots. Our media can be reused in your garden after growing out your crops.

Germinate using our clear cover for moisture retention in a darker place, once the seeds have sprouted and approx 1" in size you can remove the top and place them in an area they can get natural or artificial light. The peas will need to pre soak overnight. It will take several days for the peas to germinate and grow and once emerging to the light it will be 7-10 days to a good set of shoots. This kit contains 3 packets of pre measured pea seeds. Each tray will provide at least 2 crops as you clip the tender shoots off and regrow from the joints (we have taken as many as 5 shoots from each plant!). This shoot kit will allow you to have a nice supply of shoots daily and for an extended period of time!