Functional Sprout Kit

$ 10.99

One of the basic cornerstones of Ann Wigmore's (one of the original holistic health practitioners and known as the mother of wheatgrass shots) wellness solutions was the use of sprouts to provide the body live food that was full of important nutrients and enzymes. By delivering these potent ingredients of wellness to you on a consistent basis many have found an enhanced bodily system that is more capable of healing and fighting illness.

Sprouting is a proactive way to add live and vital food easily to your diet. Our new line of Personal Sprouting Units allows you to grow and produce sprouts right in your home. The first unit being offered is the Premium Protein mix that is pictured. It is a blend of peas, beans and lentils that are organic and Non GMO sprouting seeds.

Our kit pictured shows the progression over three days using our seeds and kits. You soak initially overnight. Rinse and drain at least two times a day and by the end of the third day you will have a nice amount of sprouts ready to go. We like to eat these gems at 2-3 days, but you can grow them further if you like, just keep in mind that they may outgrow the container!

The kit comes complete with enough seeds to produce 1/2lb of sprouts to start.