Food Container Repurposing - Grow Your Own Microgreen Garden, Micro Farming for Your Kitchen

$ 12.99

So many times we have gotten items to eat in beautiful containers and wondered about the waste of one time use and disposal. Similar to the problems with plastic drink bottles we thought there might be a better use and wanted to produce kits that would enable an eco friendly reuse of food containers.

Our normal production containers are sourced from recycled plastic bottles and are made to be used as food containers of different capacities. Some of the pictures here represent various food containers that were replanted with our microgreens.

We believe that simple is best so we have chosen a hydroponic system so all you need is a grow mat cut to your container shape and some microgreen seeds (Non GMO) to grow. Simply cut the grow material to your container bottom, soak the mat, seed and grow! Then 7-15 days later you will have fresh and live microgreens to snip, rinse and enjoy!

Our basic kit contains 2 10"x10" pads and seeds. The maximum configuration will yield you 8 crops of microgreens in 5"x5" containers. We will provide 2 of our most po