Deluxe Home & Farmers Market Kit

$ 39.99

One of the common questions we get is from people wanting to try their hand at producing microgreens for small commercial use. Farmers Markets provide a nice test bed for growers just starting out. We have designed a kit to answer the need for a starter commercial microgreen operation.

In order to see if this will work for you, simply go to some farmers markets in your area and see if anyone is selling microgreens and what is the common prices being paid. Our kits will provide live microgreens and we suggest selling them by the tray and not processed. In most venues, by selling the live trays of microgreens, you bypass a lot of health regulations dealing with processing microgreens for sale (research that also as regulations vary by locations).

The pictures are of our basic kit that features 4 10"x10" holding trays that is basically 1/2 a standard seed tray. Each holding tray will house four 5"x5" growing containers that are your unit of sale. We have found a fair pricing is anywhere from $5-$8.00 per tray as pictured below. Our kits will be available as hydroponic using a sustainable kenaf growing pad. This starter kit also includes a seed spreader, seeds, spray head (attach to plastic water bottle), and enough trace mineral nutrients to make one gallon of nutrient solution. Starter kit contains all you need to grow out 16 containers of microgreens to sell at your local farmers market.

Kits will also include Non-GMO seeds as shown. Our starter kit includes enough of our red arrow radish mix seeds to plant the 16 trays. We will provide specific growing instructions and support. Our suggestion is to grow out a tray or two to familiarize yourself with microgreens, but most crops take from 7-10 days so your initial learning curve can be fairly quick. The included Red Arrow radishes are extremely fast growing so you should see results within a week.